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Versatile Pallet Movers

Now available with Li-ION technology

These products are now available to order with a Li-ION battery, the latest in forklift battery technology.

With completely maintenance- and emission-free Li-ION batteries, there are no limits. These batteries offer lower energy consumption, higher utilisation and flexible charging, any time and anywhere - meaning there's no need for time-consuming battery changeovers or dedicated charging areas. Just connect the truck to the charger and top up the battery when you get an opportunity, then disconnect it when it's time to get back to work.


Stacker trucks are primarily used for stacking pallets at a range of heights, but they're very versatile machines, and perfect for moving pallets around a warehouse. Our stackers come in pedestrian, stand-on, stand-in and sit-on models, and have been designed with ergonomics and usability as the focus.

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