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Reach Trucks


Unicarrers reach trucks offer outstanding operational capability in almost any intense multi-shift warehouse material handling task. When the highest levels of uptime and excellent stacking performance is required, UniCarriers is the natural partner.

The most ergonomic reach truck family on the market

With its high-lifting capacity, Unicarriers Reach Trucks are an extremely capable partner in the most demanding high-rack warehousing up to 13 meters. A sturdy chassis design and supreme stability contribute to star-quality efficiency. This is performance, ergonomics and reliability without compromise. 

Reach Trucks Versions

Reach trucks 1.2 to 2.5 ton

Reach trucks 1.2 to 2.5 ton

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  • All operator sizes
  • Euro logic joy sticks
  • Leading Ergonomics
  • Stability support system
  • Cabin & new opti-view mast
  • Heavy duty wheels
  • The Built in Test Equipment
  • Mast Tilt
  • Universal Mounting
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