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UD Trust UD Telematics services

Benefits of UD Telematics Services

Keeps you up to date about your business

UD Telematics Services provides you with full visibility of your vehicles for efficient fleet management. Tracking and tracing your vehicles have never been easier thanks to the user friendly interface of the UD Telematics web portal and mobile app, to ensure that visibility of your fleet is always at your fingertips, even while on the move.

Provides essential fuel optimization

UD Telematics Services allows you to generate and analyze easy-to-read reports on fuel utilization and driving behaviour, thus simplifying the management of your fleet. Improvements to driving behaviour will lead to more efficient fuel consumption, ultimately resulting in significant cost savings for your business.

Helps manage fleet uptime

UD Telematics Services strives to provide support in maximizing vehicle uptime. Be it through regular preventive maintenance planning, remote assistance or fuel advice services, we want to work together with you, ensuring your business can go the extra mile.

UD Telematics Services integrates four key features designed to support you

Track and Trace

Track and Trace ensures that you have a precise overview of the location of your fleet – keeping you in control. You will know when your delivery will be made and can plan alternative routes in the event of traffic congestion.

Fuel Utilization

Fuel Utilization analyses driver behavior and by that generates easy to read reports so that potential areas for fuel savings can be identified and optimised through improved driving techniques.

Fuel Loss Alert

Fuel Loss Alert protects your asset. It notifies the driver should there be any unexpected drop in fuel levels through theft or damage.

Proactive Support

Proactive Support is designed to help you increase your vehicle uptime.